What are the Technologies Used in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are emerging at very faster rates offering incredible opportunities to businesses for applying machine learning based algorithms for better efficiency and accuracy. Big companies are already in race to fully implement the AI technologies into their business system and leverage their product for better response in the market.


AI is the vast term, and multiple types of technologies entails making business houses to exploit the opportunities and grow in the market with better competitive levels. AI refers to software that copycats independent thoughts and found in different patterns. Let see what are the emerging technologies used in Artificial intelligence industry.

Machine Learning: Machine learning is kind of software that is not limited by the precise computer set of instructions written by the programmer, instead It requires less programming than traditional software, and changes the behaviors on the basis of data and results.

Virtual Assistant: Virtual Assistant (VAs) are getting much more sophisticated technology works exactly like a personal assistant giving the answer of common questions, emails, telephones and billing clients. It also allows customers to transfer money or pay bills etc.

Speech Recognition: It is kind of inter-disciplinary sub-field of computational linguistics developing methodologies and technologies to enable the recognition and translation of spoken language into text by computers and laptops. It is automatic speech recognition incorporates knowledge and research in the electrical engineering and computer science fields.

Search Relevance: Search Relevance is the process of organizing the document results close to the search document with the maximum relevancy to the search query. Actually, relevance is based on complex mathematical equation that assigns scores to each result with the highest score considered most relevant to the search query.

Natural Language Generation (NLG): NLG analyzes data and then inscribes human-readable text from it. This will transform business intelligence and reporting and there are many companies use this technology for automatically using the raw data and industrial applications to generate insights or optimize the whole process.

Transcription Services: This one of the most emerging technology in AI industry allowing converting contents or languages from to another form without human interruption. Transcription is used for Audio, Video and OCR to convert different format of files into an informative languages making it efficient compare to keystroke data entry.

These are the AI technologies that are growing with drastic pace opening new opportunities for the business houses. Smaller or large enterprises, all group and types of companies can utilize the AI based technology reinforcing them to outpace everyone in the industry. Building training data for AI into the products companies can get massive competitive advantage over peer group.